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Must one have reason?

When I was twenty years old I watched the movie, based on a true story called 7 Years in Tibet with Brad Pitt. This was a far cry from my usual blood n guts shoot em up flicks tended to favor back then. But, what the heck, eh?!

There is a scene in the movie when that really impacted my life. The main character Heinrich (Pitt) and his traveling companion of many months had snuck into the off-limits and sacred city of Lasa, the spiritual capital of Tibet and home of the 14th Dalai Lama- Yes, the Dali Lama- after escaping a P.O.W. camp in India.

Once in the city the almost fully exhausted, totally destitute and starving men were stumbled upon an elderly gentlemen who took them in, bathed them, clothed them and gave them shelter after he found them scrounging from his dog’s eating bowl on the back porch. Some days later the elderly gentleman sought permission from the local governmental officials for the two foreigners to stay in the city as his guests. The officials asked him why he had taken in the two outsiders.  He simply replied “Must one have reason to help those in need?”.

BAM! No, one does not need reason to help those in need.

Humanity at large is kinda like those two wanderers. Tired, hungry, needing refuge and solace. Love above all else.

That sort of nurturing, loving-kindness and service to humanity through acts of compassion is part of the Tibetan culture. Yippee! It is something, too, that is rapidly becoming a part of the American, or, Western culture as well. In our world of busy, surviving lives where stress and anxiety often rule and consumerism concerns our well-being we all need a little heart here and there. All over the country now, and even in the world there are companies and products  that are springing up all over the place that exist, at least in part to support this rising global vision of, essentially, all beings being free from suffering.

People are starting to get that they win when everybody wins. Though There is not necessarily a solid, unifying religious connotation, cultural synchronization or structure to fulfill on this vision we’ve got our Yoga and the entire, alternate sub-culture. Combined with the essential and basic assumption of peace on all sides that has been created out of what it implies: Freedom for all!

You’ve got your Yoga accessories & Yoga apparel; sarongs, headbands and Yoga pants , yoga mats, (I favor the Organic cotton) and a whole bunch of other products. I slang Namaste like it was going out of style. Heck, I even got the Namaste shirt.

Whether you’re the business Yogi or the closet practitioner practicing Asthanga Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, or someone involved in the Africa Yoga project, there are products and companies out there that when you purchase their products you not only get something great for yourself nd your life, you are making a  contribution to humanity.


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