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I Love Yoga Summer Tour 2012

As we’re getting ready to for our Summer Tour, I am getting a little antsy. So much going on, so many amazing wonderful things to manage, oversee and create! Moses and I will be headed out to the Midwest Yoga Conference in Bloomingdale, IL, via the Kansas City Yoga Festival and many sweet stops at various yoga studios along the way and followed by the Kundalini Summer Solstice in Espanola New Mexico and the back to the Midwest for Bhakti Fest in Madison WI.

Wow, that’s a mouthful!

ImageI am so excited for all of it, but I am especially excited about Bhakti Fest. I’ll tell you why. It’s modern time Woodstock but with a yoga twist to it. It brings together all the names of God, all the expressions of the Creator, all the languages of the Universe in One place. How sweet!

I’ll never forget the BLISS I felt, right after the very intimate Krishna Das kirtan as I was jumping up and down in my white skirt now turned brown skirt (from the mud and the rain), singing along with MC Yogi at midnight. I was done, exhausted, spent, FINISHED- but yet here I was moved by the Divine Source to chant and chant and chant. Hare Krishna. Jay Ganesha. I know I Can!Image

The more transformational experiences as blessed to have, the richer the rest of our experiences are. We keep peeling the layers baby, all to get to the real you, the real me, the real we. Namaste.

Zeina Smidi