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Circadian Rhythms a.k.a. the “body-clock” are an endogenous (internal), system within the body  that automatically synchronizes with the 24 hr cycles of nature (particularly the sun and electromagnetic fields). It creates the ideal context for perfect health to occur and be experienced within- complemented with diet & exercise of course. They are Natures Yoga to us!
You could theoretically live in a cave & still maintain all your biological functions in a timely manner.
The body: master of efficiency. Precision & effectiveness. It’s tao: doing least, achieving most; synergy. Too, like a puppy, no matter how much abuse, mistreatment or neglect it forgives instantly and does the best it can to continue to keep on playing. It does this through electromagnetic and other amazing, unseen, critical biological functions.
Because of these silent synchronizations the body will function higher and lower during various times of day and night to fulfill specific functions. For example, even though a lot of us may stake claim to being night owls we are inherently programmed to sleep at night. We can override our dispositions. We also secrete HGH for cell regeneration, only when asleep before 10 pm. Digestions is highest at noon, hence we should take are largest meal during this maximum enzyme secretion period. In other words don’t eat pizza so late, digestive juices are not present! These are just a few minor yet important examples.
Without going into all the “science schmience” part of it- though fascinating, these rhythms are a result of a sort of cosmic and planetary dance, an interplay with the body which directly affects and influences all of our biological, psychological and behavioral- or instinctual and regulatory- functions. Such as: core body temperature, brain wave activity, hormones, cell regeneration and other things that would blow your mind (metaphorically speaking that is). Our Karma (actions) with relationship to these fixed yet slightly malleable laws of nature actually plays an enormous role in our liveliness and overall well being. It is the real Yoga to be tuned in with these cycles of nature; to flow in harmony with the laws of nature. Adhere and the body will say “I love Yoga”!
As you get tuned in, life gets softer, sleep gets better, sex more amazing, productivity and efficiency increases, the heart becomes tender and compassionate, and there is an overall decrease in stress, thinking and worry. Not to mention the benefits in regards to less depression and anxiety, poor digestion, bad decision making due to your brain engaging in a higher level of function.
The body can and does wear down over time. So, take good care, tune in and be patient to maximize quality and quantity.
Get plenty of sleep (sleep before ten pm). Wake early, slip into a nice pair of organic handmade cotton Yoga pants or Yoga shorts, your favorite Om Shirt and get your physical Yoga on (I am partial to Asthanga Yoga or Kundalini ) to circulate blood and oxygen and wake the body up. Meditate: “Namaste” yourself, Chant Om. Eat a light breakfast to stimulate your body (get some ghee) and live your life in accordance with God, the divine, nature… Whatever. Live in bliss!