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Enlightenment sucks

You do not wish to be enlightened. Of the many things you could do or pursue or live your everyday life in the name of, enlightenment is definitely not one of them. You may think it is, but, it is certainly, definitely, without a doubt, not.
The way in which it is described in most publications, at Yoga joints, and in those pseudo-scientific quantum physics movies about we-are-one mind-over-matter evolving-consciousness blabber that is woven all throughout the spiritual circuit is this: Enlightenment is like living in a state of constant full mind/body/spirit orgasm. Who wouldn’t want that, right? I mean, forget vacation to Florida, let’s go to Enlightenment-ville. Enlightenment is not any of those things and whoever sold you on any of those ideas being or leading to it, well, I’d call them to get your money back. You may as well go spend your hard earned funds on beer and cigarettes, buy the most fuel inefficient automobile you can find, get a rifle and go hunting for an endangered species.
Enlightenment is full truth realization. Nothing added, absolutely nothing taken away. It is in it’s essence the simplest possible thing. That which cannot be divided any further is Enlightenment.  Let me tell you the only reason you don’t want to be enlightened. Here it is: The you that you think of as you is the very you that you have to give up being, that you have to completely destroy. Commit a metaphorical/spiritual/ego suicide( Yes, really). A comprehensive transformation. The caterpillar has to die to make way for the butterfly. A caterpillar doesn’t know its going to develop into a butterfly so he’s got it easy. He thinks he’s just saddling up to take on a lengthy nap. With you it would be much different. You resist most of your life, you are distracted and demented by the mania of owning things, becoming someone and undertaking something you are going to be proud of.
Consider that your identity-force, or impetus if you will, is hard-wired to survive at any cost. The only way it knows to perform this task is to look good. Enlightenment is the exact reverse of caring in any way about your actual physical appearance. A truly enlightened being would by no means care about such a trivial thing. Rest assured you will  never take that leap and no amount of Yoga or Chanting Om or what have you will ever bring about enlightenment.
Carry on with your everyday life just as it is. Carry on doing what you’re doing and revel in being human. Nothing must be added, and nothing must be taken away. Take major risks, get off the road, fail big, let loose, relax, take it easy. Continue your Yoga practice and understand that you are entirely perfect and complete just as you are and no matter what, you are going to be here for a while. Nothing is ever going to really transform you and that is thoroughly acceptable.